Fixed ADS not available

Started by andrea82it 2018-12-05 at 22:35

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2018-12-05 at 22:35

are now some days that instead of fixed ads I only see a white space, I don't even see the written "fixed ads" of the layout.

2018-12-06 at 02:59

it means there is no fixed ads at the moment for your account, nothing to worry about since ads come and go in daily basis.


2018-12-06 at 23:58

ah, ok.

thanks for the reply.


I propose to put a text advise when no ads are available in that or other section, or don't show the withe space when ads aren't available.

2018-12-07 at 01:15

true, i will do it right now, so you won't see the whole section when there is no ads available