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Started by costa26f 2018-11-08 at 06:45

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2018-11-08 at 06:45

Good Night. I made a request for payment to more than ten days, is still pending. I am on the look. Hugs


2018-11-08 at 07:42

I really have a bad feeling about this page and all the other ones two.

I think something has happend to the Admin or he just left the field for what ever reasons, but I personaly think something bad has happend, cause in the past he always tryed to solve any problem that came up with finances.

So this time I think its over. I will log in once in a while to check things up and if I can withdraw my money, but I dont have a lot of hope for that. 


So have a nice day/week/month/year




2018-11-08 at 18:35

every one do not worry , admin is trusted . 

admin toldme on the phone he is busy for 14 days in site development . 

sites will be in good way and in it will be alot of surprises after development . 


2018-11-08 at 21:44

IF He is doing other stuff and just leaving this page or the other pages running without any information that he will be gone for 14days or so. WHY in the hell is he not putting up a notice that he is gone for X days and in that time the page will not be monitored?!


It doesent take that long to make a short pin message so that everybody knows. That is just stupid not to do that. 


I hope to hear from him something very soon. ANY living sign would be nice.


2018-11-09 at 01:47

do not say about admin stupid miatt . 

admin have 5 sited he is busy in development , he working in ptc from 2014 . 

admin is not scam , he is trusted admin .


2018-11-09 at 05:59


Good afternoon, i feel the same way you.



2018-11-09 at 06:06

Im not saying he is stupid. Im saying its a very bad move not inform us here! That is stupid! Not him as a person. 2 or more weeks not paying can change the whole game here and let a lot of people thinking that this page has turned in a dead page. 


So If there is any kind of a chance that he could make a short notice that he is busy and will come back soon that would be really great.

I never sayed that this page is a scam. I sayed that he has always come back and made a solution when there where problems.


For me he cant be that busy that he doesent have 5min time to log in and make a short fast anouncement that he is working on other pages and devolping whatever he is doing...

So if you have contact to him please tell him that it would be very good if he makes a short visit here and on the other pages and puts up a note that he is coming back on day x when ever that might be. I want to trust these pages. Im a member here since beginning of 2015 and I think that he owes us the users a short message.

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2018-11-12 at 06:23

Hi guys, 

my apologies for not being that active lately, i just was busy setting the new plans for our websites to monitize them during this hard times, it's only me now that is responsible of developing, coding, putting the plans, mananging the websites, answering tickets and paying all payments, so things are getting tough alittle until i find someone trusted soon to help me out with the websites support at least.


i will be posting about the new changes and the new shrink ads system that will provide unlimited amount of ads and earnings for our users, mostly the free users that will benifit the most from this new feature.


2018-11-18 at 07:55

I just wantet to put this on front again. 

Are there any time lastings that you could tell us when the pages will be running normal and pying out again and the tickets answerd?

Im waiting for a change of my BTC Adress and would like to withdrawal to the new adress when its possible.



2018-11-23 at 02:54

don't worry he is trusted admin .